First Day of School Google Slides
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First Day of School Google Slides: Your Ultimate Guide to a Successful Start

First Day of School Google Slides can be used to create engaging and informative presentations for the first day of school. Including introduction slides is a great way to help students get to know you and your interests.

You can customize the slides to include information about why you love teaching, your summer activities, and even share some personal photos. With the ability to add text, images, and other interactive elements, Google Slides offers a versatile platform for creating dynamic presentations.

Teachers can find a variety of templates and resources online to help them create their own unique and impactful first day of school Google Slides.

Why Use Google Slides For The First Day Of School

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Using Google Slides for the first day of school is a great way to introduce yourself and engage students. You can share personal information, like your love for teaching and summer activities, along with photos to make a memorable impression.

Engage Students With Interactive Slides:

  • Incorporate interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, and games to keep students actively engaged throughout the presentation.
  • Utilize features like hyperlinks, videos, and audio clips to provide additional resources and enhance the learning experience.
  • Encourage student participation by allowing them to collaborate on group activities or contribute ideas through comment sections within the slides.

Introduce Yourself In A Memorable Way:

  • Share a brief bio about yourself, including your background, interests, and teaching philosophy.
  • Use engaging visuals and storytelling techniques to make your introduction more captivating.
  • Include personal anecdotes or fun facts that will help students connect with you on a more personal level.

Foster A Positive Classroom Environment:

  • Create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere by incorporating images, colors, and designs that reflect diversity and encourage acceptance.
  • Establish clear expectations and rules for behavior, and communicate them effectively through the slides.
  • Include icebreaker activities or get-to-know-you prompts to help students feel more comfortable and connected to their classmates from the very beginning.

Key Components To Include In Your First Day Google Slides

Starting the first day of school with Google Slides is a great way to introduce yourself to students. You can include information about why you love teaching, your summer experiences, and even some personal photos. It’s a fun and interactive way to kick off the school year.

Start with a brief introduction about myself, including my name, grade level, and subject that I teach. This helps students feel more comfortable and gives them a sense of who I am as a person. Here are some key components to include in your first day Google Slides under the subheading of “Introduction slides to share personal information and interests”:

  • Name and Share your name and a brief introduction about yourself. You can include your educational background, hobbies, or anything else that you think would be relevant and interesting to your students.
  • Fun facts: Include a slide or two with some fun facts about yourself. This could be anything from your favorite color to a unique talent you have. It’s a great way to break the ice and get your students to start thinking about sharing their own fun facts.
  • Personal interests: Share your personal interests and hobbies. This can help to establish a connection with your students and show them that you’re not just a teacher, but a real person with interests outside of the classroom.
  • Goals for the year: Talk about your goals for the school year. This could be both personal goals and goals for your students. Sharing your goals can inspire your students to set their own goals and work towards achieving them.
  • Expectations: Take a few slides to discuss your expectations for the class. This can include things like behavior expectations, homework policies, and how you expect your students to participate in class. Be clear and concise so that your students know what is expected of them from the start.

By including these key components in your first day Google Slides, you can create a welcoming and engaging introduction that will help set the tone for the rest of the school year.

Tips For Creating Engaging And Effective First Day Google Slides

Are you looking for tips on creating engaging and effective first day Google Slides for the start of the school year? Start with introduction slides to help students get to know you, share why you love teaching, talk about your summer, and include some photos.

These slides will make a great impression on your students and set the tone for a successful school year.

Use Visually Appealing And Relevant Images:

  • Incorporate eye-catching images that are relevant to the topic of the presentation, such as colorful illustrations or photos of school-related activities.
  • Avoid using generic or stock images that may not resonate with your audience.
  • Choose high-quality images that are clear and visually appealing.
  • Ensure that the images used are appropriate for the age group and context of the presentation.

Incorporate Multimedia Elements Like Videos Or Audio Clips:

  • Enhance your Google Slides presentation by including engaging multimedia elements like videos or audio clips.
  • Insert short video clips that showcase relevant content, such as educational videos or demonstrations.
  • Use audio clips to provide additional explanations or to create a more immersive learning experience.
  • Make sure that the multimedia elements are of high quality and enhance the overall message of your presentation.

Utilize A Consistent Color Scheme And Fonts:

  • Select a color scheme that is visually appealing and aligns with the theme of your presentation.
  • Use complementary colors that create a cohesive and harmonious look.
  • Stick to two or three main colors to avoid overwhelming your audience.
  • Choose fonts that are easy to read and maintain a consistent style throughout your slides.
  • Avoid using too many different fonts, as it can create visual clutter and distract from the content.

Keep Text Concise And Easy To Read:

  • Write clear and concise text that gets straight to the point.
  • Avoid using long sentences or paragraphs that may overwhelm your audience.
  • Break up text into smaller chunks or bullet points to make it easier to read and digest.
  • Use a font size that is large enough to be easily readable, especially if the presentation will be viewed from a distance.
  • Ensure that the text is organized logically and flows smoothly from one point to another.

Include Interactive Elements Such As Polls Or Quizzes:

  • Engage your audience by including interactive elements in your Google Slides presentation.
  • Add polls or quizzes to encourage active participation and assess understanding.
  • Use interactive elements to prompt discussions or group activities.
  • Ensure that the interactive elements are easy to use and understand.
  • Incorporate feedback mechanisms to encourage audience engagement and provide opportunities for reflection.

Remember, the success of your First Day Google Slides presentation depends on creating visually appealing slides, incorporating multimedia elements, maintaining a consistent visual theme, keeping the text concise and easy to read, and including interactive elements to engage your audience.

How To Customize The Dimensions And Slide Size On Google Slides

Learn how to customize the dimensions and slide size on Google Slides to create engaging first-day-of-school presentations. Customize the slides with introduction information, including personal details, photos, and why you love being a teacher.

Understanding The Default Dimensions Of Google Slides:

  • Google Slides comes with default dimensions of 16: 9, which is the standard widescreen format commonly used for presentations.
  • The default dimensions provide a spacious canvas to create visually appealing and engaging slides.
  • It allows you to make use of the entire screen space, ensuring that your content is easily visible to your audience.
  • The dimensions also allow for seamless compatibility across different devices and screens, ensuring that your presentation looks great on laptops, projectors, and even mobile devices.

Adjusting The Slide Size For Different Purposes:

  • Sometimes, you may need to adjust the slide size to fit specific requirements or preferences.
  • To do this, go to the “File” menu, click on “Page setup,” and select “Custom” under “Slides.” Here, you can specify the width and height of the slides according to your needs.
  • Adjusting the slide size can be helpful for various purposes, such as creating slides for social media posts or designing presentations for specific screen resolutions.
  • It allows you to customize the dimensions to fit your content and ensure that it looks its best in any given context.

Ensuring Compatibility With Various Devices And Screens:

  • One of the advantages of using Google Slides is its compatibility with different devices and screens.
  • Regardless of whether your audience is using a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, your presentation should look consistent and visually appealing.
  • By default, Google Slides automatically adjusts the content to fit different screen sizes, ensuring that everything remains legible and well-positioned.
  • However, it’s essential to preview your presentation on different devices and screens to ensure that nothing becomes distorted or hard to read.
  • By doing so, you can make any necessary adjustments to the slide size or content layout, ensuring that your presentation is optimized for a seamless viewing experience.

Remember, whether you are creating a presentation for the first day of school or any other purpose, understanding and customizing the dimensions and slide size on Google Slides can help you create visually appealing and engaging content that is compatible with various devices and screens.

Adding An Automatic Countdown Timer To Your First Day Google Slides

Transform your First Day of School Google Slides into an engaging experience by adding an automatic countdown timer. This feature adds excitement and helps keep students on track throughout your presentation. Say goodbye to boring introductions and hello to an interactive and memorable start to the school year.

Create A Sense Of Anticipation And Time Management:

  • Begin your first day of school with a bang by adding an automatic countdown timer to your Google Slides. Not only will this create a sense of anticipation among your students, but it will also help you manage the time more efficiently throughout the day.

Use Add-Ons Or External Tools To Add A Countdown Timer:

  • To add a countdown timer to your Google Slides, you can use various add-ons or external tools available. Some popular options include:
  • “Timer” add-on by Clockify: This add-on allows you to embed a countdown timer directly into your slides. Simply install the add-on, select the desired duration and appearance, and voila! You have a countdown timer ready to go.
  • “Timeleft” website: Timeleft is a free online tool that enables you to create custom countdown timers. Simply visit their website, set the timer duration, customize the appearance, and generate the timer’s embed code. Then, you can insert the code into your Google Slides using the “Insert” > “Embed” option.
  • “SlidesCarnival” templates: SlidesCarnival offers a wide range of free templates, including ones with built-in countdown timers. Simply browse their collection, choose a template that suits your needs, and customize it according to your preferences.

Customize The Timer’S Appearance And Duration:

  • Once you’ve added a countdown timer to your Google Slides, you can customize its appearance and duration to fit your requirements. Here’s how you can do it:
  • Change the timer’s format: Depending on the add-on or tool you’re using, you may have the option to change the timer’s format. This includes choosing between digital or analog displays, adding animations, or selecting different styles and designs.
  • Set the timer’s duration: Adjust the timer’s duration based on your class schedule or activity timeline. Whether you want to time a specific discussion, transition, or break, make sure to set an appropriate duration to keep things on track.
  • Modify the timer’s size and position: Resize and reposition the timer on your slide to ensure it’s visible and easily accessible for both you and your students. Experiment with different placements to find the most effective spot.

By adding an automatic countdown timer to your first day Google Slides, you can create excitement and manage your time effectively. Explore various add-ons and external tools, such as the Timer add-on by Clockify or Timeleft website, to find the perfect countdown timer for your needs.

Customize the timer’s appearance and duration to match your style and schedule, and get ready to make a memorable start to the school year.

First Day of School Google Slides: Your Ultimate Guide to a Successful Start


Where To Find Pre-Made First Day Of School Google Slides Templates

Looking for pre-made first day of school Google Slides templates? Check out websites like TPT and Pinterest, where you can find editable templates that cover everything you need for an engaging start to the school year. Add your personal touch, include introduction slides, and make a great impression on your students from day one.

Looking to make your first day of school presentation a memorable one? Pre-made Google Slides templates can be a great starting point to create engaging and visually appealing slides. Here are a few places where you can find them:

Online Platforms And Marketplaces Like Tpt And Pinterest:

  • Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) offers a wide range of first-day-of-school Google Slides templates created by teachers for teachers. You can find templates for various grade levels and subjects.
  • Pinterest is another great platform to explore for pre-made slides. Educators from around the world share their creative ideas and templates for the first day of school.

Free Templates Available On Google Slides And Powerpoint:

  • Google Slides itself provides a collection of free templates that you can use for your first day of school presentation. Simply go to the Google Slides template gallery and search for “first day of school” or related keywords.
  • PowerPoint users can also find free templates on Microsoft’s official website. These templates are easily customizable and can be imported into Google Slides if needed.

Explore Customizable Options To Fit Your Specific Needs:

While pre-made templates can be a time-saving option, you may want to customize them to suit your specific requirements. Consider the following:

  • Backgrounds and colors: Modify the background and color scheme to align with your teaching style and classroom theme.
  • Fonts and text: Choose fonts that are easy to read and visually appealing. Adjust the font size and format for emphasis and clarity.
  • Images and media: Add relevant images or even short video clips to make your presentation more engaging. This can include pictures of yourself, your family, or your favorite activities.
  • Content organization: Rearrange the slide order or add/remove slides to match the flow of your presentation. Ensure each slide has a clear purpose and conveys information effectively.

With pre-made templates and customizable options, you can create a captivating first day of school presentation that sets the stage for an exciting and successful school year. Remember, these templates are just a starting point, and you can add your personal touch to make them truly unique.

Best Practices For Using Google Slides On The First Day Of School

On the first day of school, using Google Slides can be a great way to introduce yourself and engage students. Include information about yourself, your summer, and even some photos to make it more personal and interesting.

Slides can also make it more personal and relatable. Additionally, you can include information about the class rules, expectations, and any important procedures that students should be aware of.

Practice And Familiarize Yourself With The Slides Beforehand:

  • Spend some time going through the slides and getting familiar with the content and layout.
  • Make sure all the slides are properly formatted and that any embedded videos or links are working correctly.
  • Practicing beforehand will help you feel more confident and prepared when presenting to your students.

Test The Slides On Different Devices And Screen Sizes:

  • It’s important to test the slides on various devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, to ensure they are easily viewable and accessible for all students.
  • Check how the slides appear on different screen sizes to ensure that the content is not cut off or distorted.

Make Necessary Adjustments Based On Student Engagement And Feedback:

  • Throughout the presentation, pay attention to how engaged your students are and if they are following along with the content.
  • If you notice that certain sections are not resonating with the students or if they are losing interest, be prepared to make adjustments on the fly.
  • Encourage feedback from your students and be open to making changes based on their input.

Encourage Student Participation And Interaction Throughout The Presentation:

  • Engage your students by asking questions, encouraging discussion, and allowing them to share their thoughts and ideas.
  • Incorporate interactive elements into the slides, such as polls or activities, to keep students actively involved.
  • Emphasize the importance of active participation and create an inclusive and collaborative learning environment.

Remember, the first day of school sets the tone for the rest of the year. By following these best practices for using Google Slides, you can create an impactful and engaging presentation that will leave a positive impression on your students.

Frequently Asked Questions On First Day Of School Google Slides

What Should I Put On My First Day Of School Slides?

On your first day of school slides, you can include introduction slides where you talk about why you love being a teacher, what you did over the summer, and your family. Adding a few photos can also be a hit with students.

These slides help students get to know you right away.

Is Google Slides 11 By 17?

No, Google Slides does not have a specific size of 11 by 17.

Is Google Slides 16 9?

Yes, Google Slides is available in the 16:9 aspect ratio.

How Do You Time A Google Slide For 1 Minute?

To time a Google slide for one minute, follow these steps: 1. Open your Google slide presentation. 2. Click on the slide you want to time. 3. Go to the top menu and click “Slide” > “Transitions. ” 4. In the “Transitions” pane on the right, set the “Duration” to 01:00 (one minute).

5. Choose any additional transition effects, if desired. 6. Repeat steps 2-5 for each slide you want to time for one minute. 7. Click “Play” to start the slideshow and the slides will automatically advance after one minute on each slide.


Creating engaging and informative first-day-of-school Google Slides is a great way to start the school year off on the right foot. These slides provide an opportunity to introduce yourself to your students and give them a glimpse into your life and interests.

Including a few photos can make the slides even more appealing to students. But what should you put on your first-day slides? You have the flexibility to include as much or as little information as you want. Some teachers like to talk about why they love being a teacher, their summer activities, and their family.

Remember, these slides are a chance to connect with your students and build rapport from the get-go. In addition to personal information, you can also include important class information such as expectations, rules, and procedures. This sets the tone for the school year and helps students understand what is expected of them.

As you start preparing for the new school year, consider using Google Slides to create engaging and informative first-day slides. It’s a powerful tool that allows you to customize your presentation and make a strong first impression on your students.

So, get creative and have fun with your first-day slides!

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