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BuySocialAccounts is the best USA, UK, EU, AU CA Facebook accounts provider. We provide high-quality Facebook accounts at low prices. We offer all types of social media accounts with different package options to choose from and we also give you a money-back guarantee if you don’t meet your experience. So order now and get the best account for your business.

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Buy Facebook accounts

It’s already a trend that both business and social media Buy Facebook Accounts to increase their online exposure and of course, profits. However, not all FB accounts even though sold in a bulk are eligible for your business page. It’s highly suggested to buy warmed up Facebook accounts instead of the regular ones due to critical reasons. Most of them are highly related to your business reputation and development.

Buy Facebook Accounts

Buy Facebook Accounts

Here are some advantages of Facebook Accounts:

Real Accounts

Old accounts are to some extent and most of the time, the real ones. You might have known about the consequences of purchasing fake accounts including suspension and bans which are not good for your business. At this point, it should be your priority to buy Facebook account with cookies no matter what digital marketing strategies you’re applying. Besides, you don’t want to spend money on fake accounts, right?

Real Person

Facebook officials treat old accounts as real profiles or persons which are your very basic assets before applying business campaigns. When it comes to reviews, they’re completely bulletproof since Facebook sees them as real buyers or enthusiasts. It’s because most Old FB accounts have profile pictures and complete biodata as well as demonstrate natural, authentic activities like postings, comments, comments, etc.

Full Access

As you might have known that new Facebook accounts are unable to access certain features related to business activities. Aged Facebook accounts have access to contribute or get involved in in-platform business activities. At this point, the old Facebook accounts can provide you with the flexibility of how you’ll use them to support your business development in the Facebook universe.

Real Information

Facebook admins look at aged Facebook accounts positively as they contain real information. If you’ve been on the platform for a while, you should have known how valid information plays valuable roles. These help you to use them more flexibly for any business purposes. Buy Facebook Reviews

Real-Time Activities

Aged Facebook accounts have activities that are performed in real-time not artificial. It represents a high degree of relevance if you’re using them to support your social media marketing campaign. It’s not only that they impress the system but also convince other engaged, prospective buyers, to click your business link. Remember, today’s buyers are smart buyers and they do the research on their own.

Real Friends

Another biggest advantage of old Facebook accounts is that they usually already have real followers and real friends, a lot of them. So, imagine that you Buy Facebook Accounts With Friends and use them to suggest your products or services through their timeline, comment, or review opportunities? You know what happens next. Buy Facebook Followers

No Limits

At this stage, you might already have an overview of what you can do with aged Facebook accounts. Yes, no one will stop you to send a friend request, building engaging comments, sending & receiving messages, sharing the page, and many more. Basically, you can treat those old Facebook accounts as your own accounts.

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Buy aged Facebook Accountsaged facebook ad accounts

Buying Facebook accounts is one of the best ways to increase your reach and brand recognition. Facebook is one of the most popular social media sites in the world. A lot of companies and brands are using Facebook to promote their products and services. Buying Facebook accounts is one of the best ways to make your presence known on this social media platform.

Buying aged Facebook accounts can be very beneficial for a business. It helps you to get more followers, more customers, and also it helps you to improve your business profile. Also, it helps you to increase your sales, and also it helps you to create a good brand image.

It is a very good way to boost your page’s engagement. There are several websites that offer Facebook accounts with real people in them. The more engaged your fans are, the more they will like your posts and engage with you.

Buy Facebook Accounts With FriendsBuy Facebook Accounts With Friends

Buying Facebook accounts with friends is a great way to promote your business or increase your social media presence. This strategy can also be used for increasing the visibility of your personal profile as well.

The benefits of buying Facebook accounts with friends are:

  1. You will get thousands of followers in a short period of time.
  2. You will get more likes and shares on posts and videos, which increases engagement.
  3. It is easier to post content that you know people will find interesting because they already follow you on Facebook.
  4. You can start a new business and market it to your own network.
  5. Your company will be able to create a bigger audience base.
  6. You will also get better visibility in social media as well as in search engines.

Buy Old Facebook Accountshow to buy Facebook accounts

Buying old Facebook accounts is a great way to improve your social media presence, search engine rankings, and get new subscribers, and a good way to get organic reach for your marketing campaign.

There are many benefits of buying old Facebook accounts such as:

  1. It helps you build your reputation and visibility in the market.
  2. It will allow you to get more engagement on your posts.
  3. It will help you improve the user experience of your website/blog.
  4. It helps you gain more visibility and traction.
  5. It gives you more time for your business development.
  6. It helps you get new customers by advertising on the platform where they already have friends or fans.

People Also Ask:

1) Can you have Facebook accounts?


you can have multiple Facebook accounts for your business or personality page. You can simply Buy Facebook PVA Accounts from providers like BuySocialAccounts for high-quality Facebook accounts and more benefits. If you make FB accounts manually by yourself, not only would it be time-consuming but you’d end with fresh accounts that lack business properties.

2) What is a Facebook PVA account?

PVA stands for Phone Verified Account.

Facebook PVA account is the account that has been verified by a valid phone number and is Geo-specific in nature. For example, if you’re in the US, you can likely verify your accounts with your valid US phone number regardless of the provider is. That’s why you can find a provider where you can Buy USA Phone Verified Facebook Accounts in bulk.

PVA account is a top-notch Facebook account as it allows the owner to unlock some features and obtain some privileges in the platform.

PVA Facebook AccountBuy Facebook PVA Accounts

  • Negotiating with the owner to Buy Facebook Profile for the main account. You’d need to start the communication with the PVA Facebook account owner whether they want to sell their existing account and what the price is. This method is ideal if you need particular active Facebook accounts but not for bulk needs since you’d deal with many account owners.
  • The marketplace is another way you can buy PVA Facebook account. There are some marketplace platforms with sellers offering a limited number of Facebook accounts for sale. If you choose this method, be sure to Buy Facebook accounts with Marketplace from top-rated sellers for the best quality delivery. Check the customer reviews and feedback on their page before placing an order.

You can buy bulk Facebook accounts from trusted providers like BuySocialAccounts These providers usually have unlimited numbers of high-quality Facebook accounts to deliver.

They can provide you with PVA-supported Facebook accounts that are more versatile and flexible for diverse marketing or business purposes. The most important thing is that you can fully own and control these accounts since providers also deliver a list of credential sets to you. Be sure to purchase Facebook accounts from a trusted provider only since there are also many scams online.

3) Can 1 person have 2 Facebook accounts?


Any person can have two Facebook accounts for her/himself and it’s not violating any Facebook rule. You can use two emails to sign up for two different FB accounts. This way, you can expand your friend list or simply use another account for other purposes. What you can’t do is to make an account over another person’s biography or Buy Fake Facebook Accounts to support your business.

In fact, you can actually have more than two Facebook accounts. If you need these ads account for your business marketing, then you’d need multiple PVA accounts with different profiles. Again, you’d not be allowed to fake these accounts and what you can do is to take over existing accounts. At this point, you can buy PVA accounts from reputable providers like BuySocialAccounts for phone verified accounts.

4) Why do people buy old Facebook Accounts?

Old FB accounts have grown in demand these past years. There are multiple reasons why people buy old Facebook accounts for their page

  1. Old Facebook accounts have business properties that can support your main page and boost your business profits. They have an established online presence that works perfectly for business optimization.
  2. These accounts are versatile as you simply take over their credentials when purchased. This way you can use all features like news feed posting, sharing, messaging, commenting, and so forth. These flex your ways of using these accounts to promote your business.
  3. Facebook Accounts Compared to driving fresh accounts for such business campaigns, old Facebook accounts are more reliable. There would be little to no chances of these accounts getting banned as you’re using them for your promotions. Of course, it would be still advisable to not aggressively use these accounts or the system would consider them suspicious activities. At this point, you buy a batch of old accounts and manage them proportionally.
  4. Facebook accounts for long establishments that have more authority. Facebook regularly bans and/or removes unauthorized accounts or as they’re indicated to be bot-generated accounts. Old Facebook accounts can only be made with organic or white hat methods. These include taking over unused/idle existing accounts or maintaining accounts for months/years. Buy FB Accounts.
  5. People would save a lot of time to get by buying them. The youngest “old” Facebook is three-month-old and that’s the minimum time you should spend to breed accounts on your own, not to mention the time spent to manually create them. You can simply Buy Aged Facebook Accounts so you can sit back and focus on the core importance of your business.
  6. Old Facebook accounts typically use real information to ensure their establishment. It provides you with more benefits including sending friend requests, engaging audiences, and sharing your promotional posts with no problems. With real information, people tend to accept friend requests and approve your messages. With old Facebook accounts, growing your business through Facebook isn’t an impossible task.

However, you need to find credible providers like BuySocialAccounts to get all properties mentioned above. Only high-quality old Facebook accounts can help you with your business

5) Can you sell Facebook account?


You can sell a Facebook account for dollars and there’s a violation against the rule or terms and conditions. What you can’t do is fake Facebook accounts or use malicious techniques to take over these accounts. Pretending to be someone and using their profiles to damage their integrity or personal life is also a violation that makes the account banned immediately. Selling a is technically neither of them and that’s also why Buy Facebook Account For Sale Friends Included growing in number with no problem.

Companies like us don’t sell fake accounts or promote someone else. These accounts can be either unused or respectively bred manually for a particular period of time. That’s why they can sell FB PVA accounts you can purchase Facebook accounts to improve your business exposure within the social media platform.

Reversely, purchasing an account is more than possible and violates Facebook’s terms of services. This way, you can simply buy PVA Facebook Accounts for your business. What you can’t do is to use these purchased accounts to hack someone else’s account or for fraudulent activities. That’s why, even if you’ve purchased some Facebook accounts, you can’t use them altogether in an aggressive manner to boost your business. Be wise and proportional to be successful.

6) How do I transfer my old Facebook to a new one?

Many people seek to transfer their old Facebook to a new one to refresh their exposure or due to personal preferences. Facebook actually allows you to do that and even provides you with features to support the action. If you want to transfer your current Facebook account to the new one, check the following steps:

  • First, you’d need to make a copy of your current Facebook account by downloading the information. Once you’ve logged into your account, you can simply navigate to Account Settings and enter the Learn More menu.
  • Next, you should find the Download menu and apply double click(it won’t work with a single click”. The system would require your confirmation and you can simply give them the okay. The download process would begin and Facebook would send emails to verify and confirm the action. Open your email, navigate to the verification mail, click the link, and confirm it with your password. The download process would be then started.
  • If successful, you’d receive a zipped file in your download folder. Unzip the file so you can check the content of the download through the browser. There would be a limited version of your Facebook account containing a profile, photos videos, friendliest, messages, and so forth but it’s not finished yet.
  • Before or after downloading the file, you can simply open and set up a new Facebook account. There’s no special step here as you only need to complete the signup form and confirm it through your email. Done.
  • Use the downloaded friend list and start re-adding your friends through Facebook. Unfortunately, there’s no automatic way for transferring your account but it’s still possible and you won’t have any single element if you strictly follow the downloaded files. You’d need to wait for your friend to approve your new friend’s request. However, some of your friends may suspect your new account as illegitimate and may even report it. That’s why make an upfront notification about your new account in your existing one.
  • Last, depending on your preferences, you can reupload your media files to your new Facebook profile including notes, photos, videos, and so forth. It may take some time for you to re-upload them all one by one or as if you need to sort them. If you just want to transfer them all, you can simply use the download file and reupload them plainly.
  • Done, you’ve now completed transferring your old Facebook account into the new one. Since you want to refresh your social media exposure with a new account, you may consider sorting or filtering during the process especially when re-adding friends or re-uploading media files.

7) How can I access my old Facebook account?

If you want to access an old Facebook account, you can simply log in to it casually as long as you remember the credentials and weren’t deactivated. To ensure that it was you, Facebook may send you a confirmation email as a security measure.

If your old Facebook account was deactivated, then you’d need to reactivate it with some simple steps.

  1. Navigate to your old Facebook account and open the profile. Otherwise, you can simply trace back your email from the point where deactivated your account and start from there.
  2. Find and click the horizontal triple dots placed just below your old Facebook account’s profile picture.
  3. Next, you can select “Find Support or Report File” in the menu
  4. Find and click the “Something Else” menu and choose the “Recover this account” menu to reactivate your accounts. From there, you can simply follow the recovery steps that include email verification. Ensure that you can access the email account you used for that old Facebook account.

Unfortunately, you can’t access your Facebook old account if you don’t remember the credentials including email and/or passwords. You’d need to contact Facebook support if you really need access to your account.

8) Is it illegal to have 2 Facebook accounts?

It’s not illegal to have multiple accounts.

But it may violate the platform’s terms of service. Facebook doesn’t allow you to have two personal accounts at the same time. Technically, if you want to create a new Facebook account, you’d need to close or deactivate your current Facebook account. Any violation of the Community Standards gives Facebook the right to remove your accounts.

However, you’re likely allowed to have more than one page for your business or campaign. These pages aren’t considered personal accounts even though one personal account needs to be referred to control the pages.

Even though it’s against TOS or their community standards, you can actually have two or more Facebook accounts. You’d need two different emails to sign up for the accounts. You can log in to one account in your desktop browser and another account on your smartphone.

However, it’s not recommended to have two different Facebook personal accounts since the platform demands the authenticity of your identity. Buying bulk Facebook Accounts There are cases where Facebook banned and/or removed users with two different accounts.

9) Can you make a Facebook account just for the Marketplace?

You don’t actually need a separate account just for Facebook Marketplace and start selling there. What you need is a Facebook personal or business account and start selling an item without any additional Marketplace account with some simple steps.

  1. As you’ve logged into your Facebook account, you can find the Marketplace icon below your News Feed option and click it.
  2. You’d be navigated to the Marketplace home page. In the menu bar on the left side of your screen, you can select “+Sell Something” to start your first sale.
  3. You’d need to categorize your listing under one of three major categories: “Item for Sale”, “Vehicle for Sale”, and “Home for Rent”. Choose the one that suits the nature of your business listing.
  4. Next, you can simply create the listing of the products/services you want to sell by completing the form that depends on the major category. There you’d need to define the subcategories, name of your products, price, location, attractive description, and photos of the products.
  5. You can then save the draft of your listing or click Next to proceed with your current listing draft. Determine your audience(Marketplace is set as default) and post your listing. Done.
  6. As you’ve done your first listing, you activate your shop and make it visible on the Facebook business page. You can manage your listings from there as well.

If you don’t have an existing PVA Facebook account, you can simply make a new one or Buy USA Facebook Accounts You can then use it to sell any item in Facebook Marketplace as long as they follow its Commerce Policies and laws.

10) How do I purchase from Marketplace on Facebook?

Facebook’s Marketplace has grown in popularity during these years followed by massive development in the platform. However, accessing and purchasing from Marketplace on Facebook is a little bit different than other marketplace platforms including websites.

  1. You should have a Facebook personal account and log into it. Check your News Feed and click the Marketplace icon.
  2. Search the item you want to buy on “Marketplace” and it would typically result in relevant items near your locations.
  3. To view the item, you can simply click the item or the listing photo.
  4. Depending on the item, you may want to check the stock whether it’s still available, ask for details, or negotiate through a message. You can complete the transaction based on the mutual agreement there.
  5. If the page/listing has the Shop on Facebook, you can shop the products and check out from there. At this point, you need to navigate to the shop, choose the products, and click Checkout on The Website. However, since sellers may not have business sites, you’d need to arrange the purchase with the seller through the message. Choose the safest payment solution to have a secure transaction.

As you’ve seen, Facebook Marketplace doesn’t work like other marketplace or e-commerce platforms. The main difference is that Facebook doesn’t provide an in-platform checkout feature. If the seller has a business site and Facebook shop, you can check out from there but be sure that it’s safe.

If the seller doesn’t have a Facebook shop or business don’t use other platforms to arrange purchases but messages. The details of the transaction process should be documented through messages as preliminary precautions and proofs for possible disputes in the future.

11) Can you create another Facebook account?

Yes, You can.

A Facebook account is absolutely amazing but more people prefer to have separate accounts for their circles. And yes, you can actually create another Facebook account for the workplace, family, or inner-circle friends. Since a Facebook account is tied to one email address only, you’d need another email address to sign up for an account. One email for one Facebook account.

Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Prepare your second email address and make sure it is accessible or registered for a new one. You can use pretty much all major webmail services like,,, and so forth. Ensure that you have never used this email for a Facebook account before.
  2. Navigate to Facebook and log out of your current account. There you can sign up for a new account using your second email address. Complete the registration form including your name, gender, and birth but most importantly set a strong password to keep your account safe.
  3. Recheck the information and click Sign Up at the bottom of the form. As you might have remembered, Facebook would deliver a confirmation email to your address where you need to open it and click the verification link to validate your account.
  4. You’d be signed in to your new account and you can use it accordingly. Even it’s very easy to make a new account, please keep your new account not identical to your old one. Facebook’s TOS and Community Standards don’t allow a person to have two personal accounts at the same time. At this point, if you really want a second account while keeping the existing one, make sure it doesn’t share the same friends and media content. It would be better to apply a separate login session for separate accounts.

12) Why would a person have two Facebook accounts?

Separating Life Portrays

Each person has a different scope of life they want to portray separately on Facebook. They have a life at home, office, organizations, and other places. Some people don’t want to mix these life elements but separate them into different Facebook accounts.

Privacy Reasons

People want to manage their privacy by creating another Facebook account that’s free from work matters. On the other hand, some people want to keep their parts of life private instead of public but still see Facebook as an eligible platform to keep their memories. They’d simply separate accounts instead of filtering what they want to share on Facebook.

Managing Their Circles

When it comes to friendship or relationships, people have circles. Not only in the real world, but many people want to manage their circles in social media. They create separate accounts for friends in the outer and inner circles. Consequently, they would have a shorter friend list in the Facebook account for their inner circle.

Expanding Friend Loads

We all know that a Facebook personal account can have more than 5000 friends. However, there are many people who can’t say enough about friendship on Facebook and they still want to add more friends even if they’ve reached the limit. They decide to make another Facebook account to expand their friend loads.

Increasing Popularity

Some people usually called personalities or influencers may grow in popularity. Instead of making a page where they can have more fans, they decide to make separate accounts to accommodate more fans through their Facebook personal accounts.

Managing Business Pages

For the business practitioner who uses Facebook for their stores or listings, they may create multiple personal accounts to manage their business pages. They also may Buy Facebook Ad Accounts to accommodate different products or services to sell. Buy Facebook Page Likes

Fresh Account

Sometimes, people are losing control of their social media accounts. From Scattered media files to unknown friends or subscriptions, these users may not have time to manage them all. That’s why they sign up for a fresh account and start everything with no headache.

Losing Credentials

Last but not least many people make another Facebook account as they simply forget the email and/or the password. In most cases, the email address they used to sign up for the account can’t be accessed as they forgot the username and/password.

13) Can you create a Facebook ad with a personal account?

The short answer is yes,

You can create a Facebook account with a personal account regardless of the scale of business or what you’re selling. What you need to do is to log in to your account and simply create a Business Manager account. Next, you’d need to set up your payment method and create your ad campaign. You can set up the placements of your advertisement based on the Cost Per Click (CPC), depending on your advertising budget.

14) How do I create a Facebook ad account for my business?

There are some simple steps you can follow to create a Facebook ad account for your business:

1) Navigate to

2) Click the “Create a New Ad Account” to create a brand new ad account

3) Ad your personal account as the “Ad Account Admin” and add other accounts if you need to.

Select the “Payment Methods” to set up the payment method and to activate your new ad account for your business. You can choose credit/debit cards, currency, or billing a country. Consider your listings and currencies, ensure that you consistently follow the setup. Set your payment method.

5) Check your new ad account in the “Add Accounts”, they should be available there.

You can create a new ad account or Buy Facebook Accounts For Advertising through your Business Manager. If you don’t have a Facebook Business Manager page yet, you need to make one before you can create and add ad accounts for your business.

FAQs About BuySocialAccounts.Com

Can I trust

BuySocialAccounts Is a competitive established account and review provider that supports your business’s social media marketing(SMM). There are reasons why you can trust BuySocialAccounts to Buy Facebook accounts with 5000 Friends for your business.

  1. BuySocialAccounts has complete customer services that you can contact whenever you need support or consultation. You can reach them through websites, email, phone calls, and even instant messaging.
  2. They offer 100% money back if you find their account or review delivery doesn’t work. You can protect your investment with this warranty policy so you can keep peace of mind.
  3. BuySocialAccounts offers multiple trusted payment methods that you can comfortably choose from. These include PayPal, Visa, AMEX, MasterCard, and even Bitcoin. This way, you can expect a secure payment over your transaction with BuySocialAccounts
  4. BuySocialAccounts has excellent reviews based on previous clients’ testimonials. User experiences are everything in this industry and BuySocialAccounts has successfully made all of its customers satisfied with their delivery.

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Is safe?

BuySocialAccounts is completely a safe you can visit and use comfortably. They offer accounts for sale that you can safely buy directly from there. In fact, you should visit if you desire a safe method to Buy Phone Verified Facebook Accounts and other social media accounts for your business.

It should be noted that not all social media account provider’s sites are safe. They may contain malicious attacks and/or phishing activities that aim to retrieve your personal and financial data for sure. On the other hand, these sites may use convincing campaigns on social media account sales with unreasonably cheap sites but you’d never get the delivery.

BuySocialAccounts has no “cross” sign once you find a search engine that indicates is safe. The safe predicate also refers to how secure and trusted the provider is. The site obtains this predicate after gaining traffic at respective manners from other sites and receives less to no reports about any malicious or fraudulent activities.

Do your firewall block BuySocialAccounts? The fact that your online firewall or antivirus doesn’t block or warn as you’re accessing this is proving a trusted you can visit and use. Please don’t continue accessing sites that are blocked by your firewall or antivirus software.


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Is BuySocialAccounts legit?

BuySocialAccounts is a reputable account provider with reliable services where you can Buy Facebook Accounts for your business. These are the reasons.

  1. Safe & 100% Works

Whether it’s for accounts or reviews, BuySocialAccounts uses safe methods to deliver its services. Most importantly, these accounts and reviews 100% work for your business application. Your business won’t get banned but would grow instead with BuySocialAccounts’s services.

  1. Quality Services

BuySocialAccounts provides the best quality services in the industry. When it comes to sell Facebook accounts, they offer PVA and old accounts so you can use them for business more flexibly and reliably. You can fully own and use these accounts for diverse purposes. You can Buy Bulk Facebook accounts no matter how many aged accounts you need.

  1. Guaranteed Delivery

BuySocialAccounts guarantees its delivery to ensure the accounts and reviews you’ve purchased. Looking for a reputable provider for accounts and reviews could be a daunting task as there are cases where delivery isn’t permanent or simply doesn’t work after the delivery. With guaranteed services, you can rest assured of the quality and performance of the accounts or reviews you’ve bought.

So, yes, BuySocialAccounts is ultimately legit.

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BuySocialAccounts is the best Facebook account provider. The popularity of Facebook has skyrocketed in recent years, and it’s now used by millions of people every day to stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues. But when your business needs to reach out to these individuals through Facebook, you’ll need a reliable way to get your message across.

That’s where buy Facebook accounts come in. We offer an affordable way for you to get the most out of Facebook marketing. Why choose us? Our team is comprised of experts who have years of experience working with clients like yours. We work hard to ensure that each order is completed quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to focusing on what really matters: your customers!

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    I like the Facebook accounts that I purchased from this seller. The sellers were nice and polite, which is a plus for me. They helped me get my account back up and running in no time at all. This was exactly what I needed to get my business going again!

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    I am satisfied with your product. I like the quality of your service and I can assure you that it will be our first choice for any future orders.

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    I would like to say that BuySocialAccounts is a trustworthy and reliable company. They provide excellent service, fast response and the most reasonable price. I am very happy with their service. This is my first time buying facebook accounts online and it has been a great experience for me so far!

  7. buysmmexpress (verified owner)

    BuySocialAccounts is the best Facebook accounts provider. They are very reliable and they have a great customer support team. I am very happy with their service and I would recommend them to everyone looking for an affordable, high-quality Facebook account provider.

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